Share The Journey

The Journey Of A First Novel

Are you writing your first novel? Perhaps you’ve written several? Have you ever been published?

I set this blog up in December 2012 to connect with fellow writers and to share my journey as a first-time author trying to crack the editors’ illustrious slush pile. I will share my learnings with you along the way and, I hope, you will share yours with me. Together, we shall overcome the odds. We shall climb that mountainous slush pile and make sure our manuscripts get noticed and, more importantly, published!

If you’d like to share the journey and connect with like-minded writers why not join up? I’d love to have you on board!

Gemma Rolleman, Freelance Writer, Blogger (and soon-to-be-Published-Author ;))


4 responses to “Share The Journey

  1. I started my blog in November 2012 for the same reason as you. I’m always looking to connect with other writers, and love reading about others journey’s. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

  2. I’ve gone back to my novel after some years of neglect, with some ideas for revising it before hitting the dreaded submission trail. And just taken the plunge into the blogosphere!

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